Opal and Pearl Designs

Fifi Bijoux is delighted to offer ethical pearls and ethical opals.

Black Opal

We’ve scoured the globe for suitable sources of these for a number of years and it’s with great pleasure that we can offer bespoke and ready-to-order designs featuring these special gems types.

White Opal

Our opals come from Lightning Ridge in Australia. Currently we have both a white and rare black  opal available. I’ve carefully selected the most beautiful examples of each for our inventory; the white is translucent and features green, blue and pink flecks. Opals display an unusual optical effect; the colour plays within the stone and flashes through the spectrum. For this reason, we’ve inclulded a photograph of both opals against a neutral background, shot in natural daylight (on a grey Scottish winter day. In fact for those of you in Scotland, the shots were taken 8th Dec 2011; the day ‘Hurricane Bawbag’ hit Scotland!)

These ‘naked’ shots let you see how spectacular the colours are, even in dull light. The colours in the opals look alive; as the light changes so to does the spectrum visible.

The black  opal is particulary special; these rare gems can sell for millions of dollars. Our beauty is a fine example of pattern and of bright splashes of colour across the stone. Opals are the birthstone for October and are for 14th and 18th Wedding anniversary jewellery.

Those of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook may have seen our exciting partnership withy Jersey Pearl recently, for the Elephant Parade in Singapore. Fifi Bijoux was asked to design and paint a life size baby elephant , which will be on display in TANGS Plaza in Singapore until January 2012. The elephants are then auctioned by Sotheby’s, with a percentage of the sale price being donated to the Asian Elephant Foundation and other charities who carry out valuable work in the region to protect these majestic animals.

Jersey Pearl are the first Carbon-neutral pearl company and share our values of the significance of both bio-diversity and equitable trade for producers. Their pearl fisheries operate (in a ecologically senstive manner!) in the very areas where some of the Asian elephants are diminishing.  I used Jersey Pearls to decorate our elpehant (called Yunnan) and we hope those of you in Singapore enjoy the Parade!

Bespoke design are now available with Jersey Pearls, as well as fancy coloured mabe pearls from New Zealand which are available  in distinctive blue and green colours.

Pearl is  the birthstone for June and for anniversary jewellery in the 1st, 12th and 30th year of marriage.

Green Pearl

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